What treatments are available today for drywood termites?

Question: What kinds of treatments are available today to treat drywood
My house is in Bradenton, Fla. Last time treated 6 yrs. for subterranean termites.
15 yrs. ago tented for drywood.
Please let me know what kind of costs I am looking at to take care of this
known habitation … Thank you.

Termite Fumigation Treatment Tent
Termite Treatment: Fumigation Tent


ANSWER: These termites can be treated by wood injection, heat treatments or fumigation, but the decision will depend on the infestation. The decision as to what treatment to use will be determined by the results of a comprehensive inspection after an assessment of your situation is done. Call your local Orkin Branch Office today and ask to have a highly trained Orkin Termite Inspector come to your home and develop a scientifically backed customized treatment plan that best fits your needs. Pricing is discussed as part of the inspection process.


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