What should I do with furniture and clothes after pest treatment?

Question: What should I do with furniture and clothes after pest treatment?

HELP! You guys confirmed our WORSE nightmare(bed bugs). I want to prep the house right prior to treatment. I need to know if everything besides the furniture needs to be removed?

Tell me what to do with the clothing I'm gonna save. After we take it to the laundromat prior to treatment can we bring some back in after you treat? What do we do about school bags? paper books? Can crayons, pens etc be in the house when you treat? can the tv, vcr, dvd's and other electronics be left in the house while you treat?

Answer: Depending on where the infestation is....bedroom most likely...don't move the furniture out of the infested room...after the clothes are cleaned you can bring them back. All the other stuff will not be infested, so no need to anything with them.


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