Bug of the Month

Elephant Hawk Moth Caterpillar

This hungry, hungry caterpillar is full of surprises. With its long snout and bulbous body, the elephant hawk moth larva (caterpillar) is just as impressive in its larval stage as it is when it becomes a bright pink and yellow adult moth. Let’s get to know our long-nosed Bug of the Month shall we? Continue reading

Trilobite Beetle

With its armor-plated exterior and retractable head, this beetle looks like a creature from prehistoric times – and it just happens to be named after one. Discover the mysterious trilobite beetle, our November Bug of the Month! Continue reading

Luna Moth

With its bright, lime green color and a massive wingspan, it’s hard to believe that one of the largest moths in North America comes from a tiny caterpillar. Let’s get to know the luna moth, our October Bug of the Month! Continue reading

Ogre-Faced Spider

With enormous eyes and a stealthy, hunter mentality, you wouldn’t want to run into this long-legged crawler in the dead of night. Let’s get to know the ogre-faced spider, our September Bug of the Month! Continue reading

elephant beetle image

Elephant Beetle

With a long “trunk” and horns, it’s not difficult to see how our August Bug of the Month, the elephant beetle, got its name. Much like the pachyderm it’s named after, this enormous arthropod is one giant in the insect world you’ve got to see to believe. Continue reading

Giraffe Weevil

Our July Bug of the Month, the giraffe weevil, holds its head up high in the face of adversity – because it doesn’t really have a choice. Truly eye-catching and combative when necessary, let’s get to know this long-necked insect. Continue reading

Blue Morpho Butterfly

While we’re often amazed by the metamorphosis that a caterpillar undertakes to become a butterfly, the unusual characteristics some butterfly species exhibit are even more awe-inspiring. The Blue Morpho Butterfly, our ocean-colored Bug of the Month, is hiding quite the secret. Let’s find out what it is, shall we? Continue reading

Giant Burrowing Cockroach

The cockroach isn’t an insect people want in their home. They’re creepy, crawly, and could potentially harbor diseases dangerous to humans. So, what makes our Bug of the Month, the Giant Burrowing Cockroach, so interesting that some people invite them into their homes as pets? Let’s find out. Continue reading

flower mantis image

Spiny Flower Mantis

The beauty of spring is here, flowers are in bloom, and this bug is right at home among the color-drenched petals. From its deceiving mimicry techniques to its patient demeanor, let’s get to know our vibrant Bug of the Month – the Spiny Flower Mantis. Continue reading

Goliath Beetle

Native to Africa, Goliath beetles are in an exclusive club that comprises some of the largest insects on Earth. From their striped façade to their hefty proportions, let’s get to know our imposing Bug of the Month! Continue reading


This lovebug isn’t the motorized variety. From its mating habits, which are interesting to say the least, to urban legends surrounding their existence, let’s get to know the lovebug, our Bug of the Month! Continue reading

Titan Beetle

This imposing beetle is the stuff nightmares are made of and holds the title of longest beetle in the world! Let’s take a closer look at the Titan Beetle, our gigantic Bug of the Month! Continue reading

Khapra Beetle

These small, furry beetles may seem harmless, but they’re one of the most destructive insects in the world! Get to know the Khapra Beetle, our most unwanted Bug of the Month! Continue reading

image of a tarantula hawk

Tarantula Hawk

This fearless insect isn’t a weird cross between a spider and a bird, but it does hunt the eight-legged creatures it’s named after. Read on to learn about the tarantula hawk, this month’s Bug of the Month! Continue reading


These large, furry flyers may not produce as much honey as a honeybee, but they’re still pretty sweet. Get to know the bumblebee – buzzing into our hearts as this month’s Bug of the Month! Continue reading


This fascinating bug can literally light up the night. Journey with us as we get up close and personal with our glimmering, silk-spinning Bug of the Month – the glowworm. Continue reading


The fairyfly won’t grant you any wishes, but for what it lacks in magical ability, it makes up for it by being the world’s smallest insect. Discover what makes this miniature marvel tick in this month’s Bug of the Month! Continue reading

Rain Beetle

From burrowing and flying skills to an incredibly low-carb diet, read on to learn why the rain beetle is only happy when it rains in this month’s Bug of the Month! Continue reading

waterbug image

Giant Water Bug

Giant water bugs, toe biters, alligator ticks, electric light bugs — whatever you choose to call them, the giant water bug of the family Belostomatidae is as interesting and varied as its many names. Continue reading