Bug of the Month

Elephant Hawk Moth Caterpillar

This hungry, hungry caterpillar is full of surprises. With its long snout and bulbous body, the elephant hawk moth larva (caterpillar) is just as impressive in its larval stage as it is when it becomes a bright pink and yellow adult moth. Let’s get to know our long-nosed Bug of the Month shall we? Continue reading

Trilobite Beetle

With its armor-plated exterior and retractable head, this beetle looks like a creature from prehistoric times – and it just happens to be named after one. Discover the mysterious trilobite beetle, our November Bug of the Month! Continue reading

Luna Moth

With its bright, lime green color and a massive wingspan, it’s hard to believe that one of the largest moths in North America comes from a tiny caterpillar. Let’s get to know the luna moth, our October Bug of the Month! Continue reading

Ogre-Faced Spider

With enormous eyes and a stealthy, hunter mentality, you wouldn’t want to run into this long-legged crawler in the dead of night. Let’s get to know the ogre-faced spider, our September Bug of the Month! Continue reading