Creative Corner

Fall for Autumn Bug and Insect Leaves

When the fall comes around, it’s not such a bad thing to see less of our small, annoying bug and insect friends. But in case you’re a fan of them and want to create some cool, cuter versions with the kids this season using the overflow of autumn leaves covering your yard, this month’s Creative Corner project is just for you! Continue reading

Back-to-School Bug Flash Cards

At Orkin, not only do we work to help keep your home and family protected from all types of pests, but we also strive to inform and educate. With kids heading into a new school year, what better way to educate them about bugs and insects than with these informative flash cards. Continue reading

Toilet Paper Roll Beehive

Social bees are quite the builders. They’re able to create hives filled with a complex network of chambers and cells to house their larvae and even store honey. In this month’s Creative Corner project, we try our hand at creating a fun and inventive architectural marvel of our own. Continue reading

Homemade Mosquito Repellent

Summer is here and outdoor fun should be high on your to-do list. But don’t let mosquitoes ruin the days spent grilling outdoors or lounging by the pool. In this month’s Creative Corner project, this simple homemade mosquito repellent is your formula to help keep the bugs away so you and the family can play. Continue reading

Bottle Cap Bugs

Enjoying an ice-cold soft drink or juice with the kids while you soak up the sun this spring and summer? Don’t throw away those bottle caps! Instead, make these fun bottle cap bugs and turn that tasty beverage into a cute insect-inspired DIY project for this month’s Creative Corner activity. Continue reading

Year-Round Fireflies

The coming of the warmer spring and summer months is a sure sign you’ll start seeing your yard flicker with the lights of tiny fireflies. But what if you could capture this glow all year long? Light things up with this month’s Creative Corner firefly project. Continue reading

Butterfly Snacks

A beautiful spring day chasing butterflies with the kids and enjoying the weather just got a whole lot better. Take on this month’s Creative Corner project for some butterfly-inspired snacks the kids will love. Continue reading

Cupcake Liner Butterfly Ornaments

It’s rare to see butterflies during the winter months because they’ve either flown south for warmer climates or are hibernating. But in this month’s Creative Corner, we’re making fun versions of these fluttering flyers with cupcake liners. Continue reading

Dragonfly Twigs

When the seasons change and leaves start to fall in the late spring and fall months, you can make a simple and easy craft of an insect that flies. Get colorful with this dragonfly twig project in this month’s Creative … Continue reading

Spider Soap

Bugs and insects have a long-standing association with filth and uncleanliness, but these spiders just may change that. Craft up these scary, and sanitary, spider soaps for clean horror fun. Continue reading

DIY: Bug Hotel

You’re not the only one looking for a cozy place to retreat to this winter. Many beneficial insects, insects that pollinate and help control pest populations, need a place to hide out during the harsh winter conditions, too. That’s where … Continue reading

Icy Winter Bird Feeders

What better sight to see on a bleak mid-winter day than a colorful bird flitting and fluttering around your home? We found the perfect do-it-yourself activity to transform your barren winter trees into a colorful, not to mention tasty, treat for your neighborhood birds. Continue reading