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Simple Ways to Fend Off Fruit Flies

Did you happen to leave out some fruit, and now your home is swarming with tiny, pesky fruit flies? It can happen to anyone and not just from fruit. These pests can set up shop near trashcans, unattended food, and sink drains, but no need to worry. We’re here to help with these simple tips to get rid of them. Continue reading

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5 Household Items to Repel Ants

Ants are quite the summer annoyance wreaking havoc on yards with destructive mounds and invading our homes in search of food. But before you make a run to the store for a chemical solution, here are some natural household repellents to use as an alternative. Continue reading

Home Buying Pest Inspection Guide

When buying property, it is paramount that you inspect for any and all features that might later invite pest issues. Home-invading pests attack susceptible buildings and cause serious, costly damages when they exploit preexisting conditions. Below is a comprehensive checklist … Continue reading