Science of Pests

Spiders Eat Millions of Insects Every Year

While we ready ourselves for a Thanksgiving smorgasbord, know that the insect world is also feasting – big time. Just take spiders. Researchers have found that the eight-legged insects could give competitive eaters a run for their money. Let’s take a look at how big their appetite is. Continue reading

Beetles Make Food For Their Young With Dead Mice

As kids, we get used to our parents telling us what to eat. “Drink your milk.” “Eat your fruits and vegetables, so you become big and strong,” is another common statement on the benefits of proper nutrition, and in the insect world, it’s no different. Let’s take a look at how the burying beetle does it. Continue reading

The Schmidt Pain Index Ranks Insect Stings

If you were stung by a bee during your outdoor activities, how would you rank the pain? On a scale of one to ten? From bearable to extremely bad? No matter how you classify the feeling, everyone’s experience will be different. And while the concept of pain and discomfort is subjective, the Schmidt Pain Index categories the worst of the worst in insect stings for easy comparison. Continue reading