Top 6

Top 6: Bug and Insect Parents

From dogs and cats to bears and whales, the animal kingdom is full of dutiful parents – and it doesn’t stop at our four-legged friends and creatures of the deep. Insects with their own biological imperative will go to perilous lengths to ensure the next generation has a future. Check out our top six insect parents. Continue reading

Top 6: Greedy Bugs and Insects

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family and friends over a spread of delicious food with some taking the annual gathering as an opportunity to stuff their faces more than they ever have all year. So, in honor of the yearly family feast, check out our top six greedy bug and insects. Continue reading

Top 6: Bug and Insect Zombies

Although they cause fear with the rest of their supernatural friends like vampires and werewolves, zombies aren’t just a scare for movies and televisions. In the insect world, they’re real! Check out our Top 6 bug and insects with the unfortunate luck of being turned into zombies. Continue reading

Top 6: Smelly Bugs and Insects

When it comes to smelly insects, most people know about the stink bug. As its name suggests, these foul-smelling crawlers are outfitted with quite the pungent defense mechanisms, but they’re not the only ones. Here are six others we don’t want to sniff anytime soon. Continue reading

Top 6: Painful Stinging Insects

When it comes to pain, these insects’ self-defense mechanisms are downright brutal. For those that aren’t severely allergic, some stings from the likes of bees and ants barely register on the pain meter. However, a whole new level of insect is bringing the pain. Here are six we hope we never cross paths with. Continue reading