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Top 6: Bug and Insect Parents

From dogs and cats to bears and whales, the animal kingdom is full of dutiful parents – and it doesn’t stop at our four-legged friends and creatures of the deep. Insects with their own biological imperative will go to perilous lengths to ensure the next generation has a future. Check out our top six insect parents. Continue reading

Top 6: Greedy Bugs and Insects

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family and friends over a spread of delicious food with some taking the annual gathering as an opportunity to stuff their faces more than they ever have all year. So, in honor of the yearly family feast, check out our top six greedy bug and insects. Continue reading

Top 6: Bug and Insect Zombies

Although they cause fear with the rest of their supernatural friends like vampires and werewolves, zombies aren’t just a scare for movies and televisions. In the insect world, they’re real! Check out our Top 6 bug and insects with the unfortunate luck of being turned into zombies. Continue reading

Top 6: Smelly Bugs and Insects

When it comes to smelly insects, most people know about the stink bug. As its name suggests, these foul-smelling crawlers are outfitted with quite the pungent defense mechanisms, but they’re not the only ones. Here are six others we don’t want to sniff anytime soon. Continue reading

Top 6: Painful Stinging Insects

When it comes to pain, these insects’ self-defense mechanisms are downright brutal. For those that aren’t severely allergic, some stings from the likes of bees and ants barely register on the pain meter. However, a whole new level of insect is bringing the pain. Here are six we hope we never cross paths with. Continue reading

Top 6: Bug and Insect Museums

Museums are still the best destinations to discover the marvels of the human age from art and design to history and technology. Bugs and insects also have their piece of the knowledge gathering pie. Here are six bug and insect museums too exciting to miss. Continue reading

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Top 6: Weird Ant Behaviors and Characteristics

The ants most people come eye-to-eye with are pretty unremarkable. These are the tiny, black crawlers commonly found in and around our homes, but countless species of ants have wildly unique features made for survival. Here are six behaviors and characteristics of several species you must see to believe. Continue reading

Top 6: Blood-Sucking Pests

It’s one thing for pests to invade our homes and foster an uncomfortable living environment, but when they decide to make a meal out of you and your family, it’s all the more unsettling. Here are six blood-sucking pests to keep an eye out for and avoid. Continue reading

Top 6: Invasive Insects

Most have heard of the endangered species list. Well, there’s another list that is actually pretty dangerous. It’s the invasive species list, and we’re counting down the most unwanted pests in this month’s Top 6: Invasive Insects. Continue reading

Top 6: Noisy Insects

That music you hear outside your window of chirps, tweets and thumps is a full symphony of insects belting out their own unique tunes. We’re counting down the loudest insects in this month’s Top 6: Noisy Insects. Continue reading

Top 6: Insect Stowaways

Insects are small, crafty and know just where to hide to stay out of sight and danger. In this month’s Top 6, we’re taking a look at little stowaways that may hitch a ride back with you while you’re on vacation. Continue reading

Top 6: Colorful Bugs

Springtime is all about rejuvenation and flowers of the season coming into full bloom with amazing colors. Gaze upon insects that are just as bright and beautiful in this month’s Top 6: Colorful Bugs. Continue reading

Top 6: Strangest Insect Mating Habits

They’re strange, they’re awkward, they’re…violent? Join us as we countdown the top six strangest insect mating habits. Wasp Spider We don’t know whether to label this mating ritual as life-giving or life-threatening. With wasp spiders, speed is key. Any longer … Continue reading

Top 6: Famous Fictional Mice

Yes, we’ve been known to squeal at the sight of them underfoot, and they can leave behind a mess and carry harmful diseases. But the mouse, in its fictional form, continues to weasel its way back onto our TVs, the pages of our books and into our hearts Continue reading

Top 6 Bizarre Bugs

Behind their colorful exteriors, multiple legs, wild wings and stinging, biting and other habits, live some wonderfully weird bugs. These creatures are the furthest thing from shy — jumping, crawling, spraying and dancing their way onto the scene, ready to make a statement. Join us as we countdown this month’s Top 6: Most Bizarre Bugs. Continue reading

Fastest Bugs

Orkin Man Lab Notes proudly presents this month’s Top Six Fastest Bugs. Whether travelling by land or by air, these six have sped their way into our hearts, and atop our list of fastest bugs. Continue reading