Frights Unseen: Orkin Explains the Cost of Ignoring Hidden Pests

You don’t want to see them at the dinner table, but the truth is some of the most common household pests may not be visible at all. These pesky invaders can do their worst damage behind the scenes, accessing the smallest spaces and creating some of the biggest problems. That’s why Orkin warns homeowners to identify the signs of hidden pests before they cause real issues.

To keep from paying the price in home repairs, Orkin recommends keeping an eye out for the following pests and their indicators:

  • Rodents can thrive anywhere there is access to food and water. What’s more, they can fit into spaces the size of a dime – bad news if your home has any unchecked cracks or openings. In addition to carrying many diseases, rodents can gnaw on plastic, wood and electrical wires. Call Orkin if you see damaged materials or large holes in floorboards and walls, it may be a sign of a rodent infestation and a possible safety concern for your family.
  • Termites feed on dead plant matter, which makes any type of wood a tasty treat. These tiny destroyers can invade a home through the smallest openings in search of their next meal. Their feeding sessions can cost you thousands of dollars in home repairs, which is why Orkin suggests looking out for termites regularly. Scan your home for peeling paint, damaged wood, pinpoint holes in drywall, buckling floors and loosening tiles – all of which could be indicative of a termite feast.
  • Carpenter ants and carpenter bees are also notorious for wood damage. While carpenter ants can bite, and female carpenter bees can inflict a painful sting, each of these pests can also dig their way right into the supporting structure of your home. Orkin knows that each of them can cause issues, which is why we recommend looking for holes in wooden fixtures and piles of sawdust or other debris on the ground.


Don’t pay the price of ignoring hidden household pests — give Orkin a call. Actively seeking these champion hiders could be the difference between a happy home and a hefty repair job.