Florida Woods Cockroaches

The Florida woods cockroach is also commonly referred to as the stinking cockroach. When threatened by predators, this species releases a foul-smelling liquid. In Florida they may be found hiding under palmetto leaves. For this reason, the Florida woods cockroach is also sometimes called the palmetto bug.

Florida woods cockroaches are large, measuring approximately 3 to 4 cm in length. This species appears wingless, but are not: short vestigial wings remain. Florida woods cockroaches are black in color and are similar in appearance to oriental cockroaches. However, adult oriental cockroaches usually are less than 3 cm and have more developed wings, though still not beyond the tip of the abdomen.

These cockroaches can be found outdoors in trees, leaf litters or woodpiles. They are most common in humid, warm areas such as Florida, coastal Georgia, coastal Alabama and Mississippi, and the West Indies. While not commonly considered to be a pest, the Florida woods cockroach does sometimes enter human habitats in search of warmth. Inside homes, these insects can be found in bathrooms or basements and are particularly attracted to leaking pipes.

Florida woods cockroaches produce egg cases that contain an average of 20 to 24 eggs. However, while an infestation of this cockroach species is unlikely, it is best to take steps to prevent their entry to your home. Florida woods cockroaches can be brought inside on firewood or may enter on their own through open windows and doors. If Florida woods cockroaches invade your home, contact your local pest control expert to discuss pest control solutions or extermination options that are right for your home.