German Cockroach Diseases

german cockroach picture

How Do German Cockroaches Transmit Diseases?

Homeowners often bring cockroaches into houses inside dry goods. Once inside, these pests use protective places that offer shelter and moisture close to food sources. Often German cockroaches habitats include areas near our food, food preparation utensils and surfaces, inside cupboards, and food storage pantries. Their presence can mean they are leaving behind disease causing pathogens wherever they go.

What Diseases Do German Cockroaches Spread?

Almost every body part of a German cockroach can carry harmful bacteria. For example, Salmonella and E. coli on the pests' bodies may cause food poisoning and dysentery. Even a single touch may be enough to transfer disease causing organisms onto food and surfaces.

Cockroach fecal wastes, cast skins, and saliva may also cause allergic reactions. Symptoms include rashes and breathing issues. These problems are often most severe for people with asthma and children.

Preventing German Cockroach Diseases

German cockroaches are active at night. As a result, residents may not be aware that an infestation is underway. Keeping a clean home and storing food in airtight containers is a good first defense against the pests. To prevent or minimize the potential threat of diseases caused by cockroaches, contact the experts at Orkin.