Sand Cockroaches

As their name implies, sand cockroaches are found near deserts and sand hills. Sand cockroaches belong to the family Corydalidae. Sand cockroaches live in sand dunes for most of the year and are capable of burrowing deep within the soil. Sand cockroaches eat the roots of desert shrubs, which also serve as their main source of water. Small ridges left in the sand indicate their presence. Sand cockroaches are nocturnal, and adult females remain inside their burrows for most of the day in order to avoid sunlight. Female sand cockroaches resemble trilobites more than they do other cockroach species. The appearance may vary from species to species, but in some species they are black, wingless and oval-shaped. Male sand cockroaches may be dusty brown in color. These cockroaches do not cause harm to humans and will not breed inside your home.