Do Smokybrown Cockroaches Bite?

Cockroaches are known to occasionally bite people; however, the occurrence of bites by cockroaches is rare and not likely to become a serious problem. It is important to note that they can bite and might feed on human eyelashes, fingernails and on food residue that accumulates around the mouth of infants.

Cockroaches do not bite in the same manner as mosquitoes or ticks that bite to take a blood meal. Instead, cockroaches are nibblers who forage for food at night wherever they sense a food source is available. Movement of someone who is sleeping is yet another of the behaviors that disfavors active biting by cockroaches. Rather than continue to nibble on someone, movement will cause cockroaches to scurry away.

The answer to our question about smokybrown cockroaches is - bites could possibly occur, but the likelihood is rare. However, the best way to approach the possibility of a cockroach bite is to ensure that any cockroaches within the home are treated and managed by your pest management professional.