What are the benefits of AHE membership?

AHE members have a competitive advantage because they are better informed about solutions to issues and challenges facing healthcare organizations. They are the leaders in maintaining a clean, safe, environmentally sustainable and efficient healthcare environment, and they possess the latest information on new technology, research and science related to infection prevention. Visit www.ahe.org for a complete listing of membership benefits.


What if I already have an AHE membership?

If you already have a current AHE individual membership, you can elect to receive a 12-month extension of your current AHE membership at Orkin’s expense, and Orkin will pay for renewals of this designated membership as long as you remain a Gold Medal Health Care customer. Simply fill out our online application form and we’ll take it from there.


What if I don’t want a free AHE membership?

No problem. We are happy to extend this offer to all of our Gold Medal Protection for Health Care customers, but you are not obligated to participate. If you change your mind later, just let your local Orkin branch know and we’ll help you take advantage of this benefit at that time.


How long until I can start using my new AHE membership?

You should receive confirmation of your new membership directly from AHE in 1-3 weeks, at which time you can start exercising your membership benefits.