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3 Tactics for Protecting Your Property from Spring Pests

Pests are always better out than in. And as spring sets in, so does your potential for pest problems ; these months bring pests out of dormancy, and they’ll soon try to wiggle their way into your building, stored products and supply chain. How can you help stop spring pests from paying your property and, ultimately, your supply chain, a visit? These three steps are a good start, along with downloading our Spring Pest Guide.


Bugs don’t require a warm welcome to enter your facility. So, how can you make sure unwanted pests feel put out? Exclusion is a solid line of defense that can help facility managers protect their property. Finding and sealing problem areas like crevices around windows, plumbing and doors with weather stripping and caulking will help close off entry points from these troublesome, sneaky pest invaders. With the proper exclusion techniques, you can make the barriers to entry too high for pests to enter your business.


There is strength in proper sanitation. Maintaining a clean environment will help prevent hungry pests from going to town on the products at your property. Work with employees on a routine sanitation plan to remove spills, loose remnants of food, outside dirt or debris and excess moisture that can attract pest activity frequently. With every product’s departure and arrival, also ensure the shipments are stored in safe, clean areas ; the movement of your supply chain stops for no one, so there’s no room to leave your goods unprotected either.

Ongoing Inspections

When it comes to inspections, seeing is believing. Instead of waiting and then scrambling to handle pest activity when it springs up, take proactive pest management measures to help prevent an event from occurring. A thorough inspection will give you a better understanding of hidden weaknesses in your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan. Conducting a facility assessment annually is a smart way to take inventory of inefficiencies that may leave your staff and property open to pest activity. Work with a trusted partner to review and assess every step of your supply chain, too, for areas prone to pest activity.

In the business of keeping out bugs, the pest defense is a good offense. An effective game plan is nothing without the right team behind you. Partner with a pest control provider that’s on your side.

Wondering what pests to expect this spring? Download our guide to see which bugs are out for your business.

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