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A 60-Second Guide to Acing Your Audit

Every time your food processing facility undergoes a third-party audit, pest control alone will account for 20% of your total score. That leaves little room for error or uncertainty, making it critical to constantly work toward maintaining a pest-free facility.

Audit-ready pest control at your facility starts with an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan that can help protect your staff, customers and ultimately your business by uncovering and remediating any pest-related issues before they take hold. To help ensure your facility is protected from pests, read our quick, 5-step reference guide to put you on the path to acing your next audit.

  1. Written IPM Program. Having a signed contract between you and your pest control provider will no longer suffice. Auditors want to see a detailed IPM program and risk assessment plan that include everything from the scope of service to the defined roles and responsibilities you and your pest management provider share.
  1. Documentation. Proper documentation helps prove your facility is compliant with audit requirements. Your records should be detailed and current on program activity, capturing everything from general service contracts and liability insurance to pest sighting logs, monitoring devices, service reports and everything featured in our complete documentation checklist.
  1. Modification. Observe pest activity monthly and work closely with your pest management professional during each visit to make improvements to your IPM plan as necessary.
  1. Pest Trend Analysis. Tracking pest trends and analyzing the data will help you find the root of your pest problems. Be sure to keep corresponding documentation of corrective actions taken in response to pest activity to show your program is incorporating learnings.
  1. Annual Facility Assessment. Perform annual assessments that test the effectiveness of your IPM plan in helping combat your pest problems. Review all documentation with your pest control provider and conduct a physical inspection of your facility.

20% of your audit score is worth fighting for, and having your I’s dotted and T’s crossed can go a long way to earning every point you deserve. Download Orkin’s Documentation Checklist to help get fully prepared for any records request an inspector may throw your way.

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