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How to Make Your Facility A “No Fly Zone”

Unlike aircrafts, there should be absolutely no areas in your facility that allow flies to fly— a no-fly zone at all times. Flies are some the nastiest pests in commercial environments, leaving potentially dangerous pathogens as they travel from surface to surface. They breed quickly and contaminate sensitive food and equipment in your facility, which can negatively impact your customers, products and bottom line.

Our free guide, No Fly Zone: Fly Prevention for Food Processors, breaks down the top concerns for flies that are the biggest threat to your food processing business. And while you won’t be able to keep every fly from entering your facility, there are some preventive measures you can implement to help keep their presence to a minimum.

Focus on these five strategies to help fend off flies:

  1. Inspection – Work with a pest management provider to identify conducive conditions in and around your facility that could attract flies and find the source of the infestation.
  1. Sanitation – Routinely clean drains and high-use surfaces that could harbor bacteria and organic materials. Move dumpsters as far away from the building as possible.
  1. Exclusion – Seal cracks, gaps and holes in walls with caulk and use weather stripping around doors and windows. Work with an HVAC professional to establish positive airflow.
  1. Fly Lights & Mechanical Traps – Install equipment like wall-mounted insect light traps, air curtains and other mechanical devices to help prevent flies and other airborne insects from finding their way inside.
  1. Fly Control Program – Every facility has their own pest issues, which means there’s no single fly control program that will work in all cases. Work with a pest control provider that can build the right program for you.

Work with your pest management provider to identify potential problem areas and ways you can proactively keep flies away. Don’t want your bottom line to be harmed by flies? Download our free guide, No Fly Zone: Fly Prevention for Food Processors to learn everything you need to know.




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