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How Pest Control Plays a Role in Office Space Buildout

Demo day for your new office space is around the corner and there is a slew of decisions on your mind. What lighting should you choose? Will the design be functional once it’s put to work? One aspect you might not be thinking about is the pest pressure that will inevitably affect your new space.

Much like your contractor and his blueprints, your pest management professional can create a plan to help seal pests out. Bringing a pest control expert on early in the process can help you avoid costly issues down the road.

For example, an Orkin branch received a call recently to treat for a fungus beetle infestation. Turns out, it rained during the construction process, leaving the wood wet and vulnerable to pests. If a pest management professional had been on-site to witness the weather conditions, they could have recommended treating and sealing the wood before it was covered to help avoid this problem.

And that is just one of many ways you can help prevent pest activity when you’re building out an office space. Set up the space for success by having a licensed pest management professional work with your contractor to:

  • Provide a better understanding of your building’s surroundings and environmental conditions, as well as the unique pest pressures you might encounter.
  • Set up pest monitoring devices to detect and assess any existing pest populations. Rats and mice care common on construction sites and can spread disease and cause structural damage as they gnaw on wood, paper, dry wall, pipes and wires, all of which are often exposed throughout construction.
  • Use non-cellulose building materials to help deter termites. Additionally, if you are constructing a new addition to your office building, your pest management professional can apply a preventive termite barrier to the property before construction.
  • Inspect incoming construction materials for signs of pest activity.
  • Effectively seal cracks and gaps along new walls and the foundation. Mice can squeeze through openings the size of a dime.
  • Keep the construction site as clean as possible by placing all trash in appropriate bins so food wrappers or soda cans aren’t sitting out at night, providing pests with an easy meal.

Establishing a strong pest management program from the start can help you protect your office building and tenants from pests during construction and in the years to come.

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