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Pests You May See on Your Property Year-Round

Whether it's flies and mosquitoes in the summer or cockroaches and rodents in the winter, pest activity can leave you stressed from the New Year’s Eve ball drop to the July 4th fireworks. Pest control requires year-round attention, and most pests don't take time off for vacation.

As the seasons come and go, different pests are drawn to your property for several reasons. The best defense against these unwanted invaders is to seal them out and restrict their access to what they need most: food, water and shelter.

Resident habits, landscaping and weather are all factors that affect pest activity on and around your property. Fortunately, you can help prevent an infestation before it starts by educating yourself on what pests you and your residents can expect in every season. (Check out our Pest Radar to determine how the seasons impact pest activity in your area and around the country.)

Here’s a snapshot of the most concerning pests during each season:

  • Winter: The winter cold forces rodents, pharaoh ants, cockroaches and aphids indoors for survival.
  • Spring: Spiders, ladybugs, blow flies, gnats, aphids, carpenter bees, termites, ants, clover mites and stored product pests (such as Indian Meal moths) thrive once temperatures stay above 60 degrees Fahrenheit for more than a few days.
  • Summer: Bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, mosquitoes and fire ants become highly active again during the sweltering heat of summer.
  • Fall: As the temperatures drop again and the days get shorter expect rodents, box elder bugs, ants and ladybugs to start moving in.

These unwanted residents are more than just an embarrassment or a nuisance. Rodents and other common pests can cause damage to your property, while others harm plants by destroying leaves, stems, roots and flowers. Pest activity on the property can also damage your reputation and make your property appear less appealing to future residents. Accurate identification of these pests and quick treatment is key to helping prevent any harm or damage.

For more information on pest prevention  around your property, check out this blog post on the top apartment amenities that might attract pests.

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