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Top 3 Pests with an Appetite for Your Facility

All pests are attracted to food, water and shelter. But some are more determined than others.  And with an abundance of raw ingredients and food product in your facility, there’s more pressure on you to ensure you take a proactive stance to protect it all from pests.

The first step in preventing these pests from entering your facility is to know which ones are most likely to show up in your facility and be able to spot the early warning signs of their presence. The following pests are those we’ve deemed Most Likely to Take Down Your Audit Grade [Want to find out more about these pests and their impact on your operation? Download our report, Making the (Food) Grade].

Cockroaches– Adaptable and able to fit through tiny gaps, cockroaches eat just about anything, even the glue on cardboard boxes. They carry and transfer harmful bacteria from one place to another and leave behind their droppings, empty egg cases and cast skins.

Rodents– Agile climbers, swimmers and burrowers, rodents are able to run across wires or squeeze into tight spaces to gain access to food sources. They gnaw through cardboard boxes, wooden pallets, storage containers and even concrete walls, and they’re able to transmit diseases via their droppings and urine.

Ants– Tiny, headstrong travelers that function in highly organized groups, ants outnumber humans 14,000 to 1. So it’s not surprising they’re the number one structural invader on the planet. They carry bacteria on their bodies that can contaminate surfaces.

No pest has a place in your product – your quality standards won’t stand for it. For information on areas in your facility at the biggest risk for pests and other preparedness tips, download our report, Making the (Food) Grade.

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