What’s That Smell? Controlling Odors Makes Scents

What’s That Smell? Controlling Odors Makes Scents

When you think of Orkin, what immediately comes to mind? Most would say pests, and they’re right. However, we know about much more than pest control alone – the odor control solutions we offer aid in helping businesses keep pesky pests away, too.

Regardless of your sanitation regimen, odors can originate from hundreds of sources, many of which are out of your control. Whether from leftover food, overflowing dumpsters or smelly restrooms, pungent odors can negatively affect the reputation of your business.

Unpleasant smells are one of the most frequent complaints made by customers and tenants. And even if you can’t smell an odor, pests can – with their keen sense of smell, mild to foul odors that aren’t managed quickly can attract them easily while pushing customers away simultaneously.

Want to learn more about controlling odors in your business? Check out our odor control services to help keep things fresh at your company:

  • Orkin Actizyme™ Odor Neutralizer: A compound a day keeps the odor away. Orkin’s Actizyme Odor Neutralizer physically breaks down odor molecules, eliminating airborne odors right at their source. This natural, non-toxic solution reduces odors for indoor and outdoor dumpsters, as well as trash cans.
  • Orkin AutoFresh®: Masking odors is never enough. AutoFresh helps you stay ahead by neutralizing odors instead of only covering them up. This wall-mounted, aerosol-dispensing unit releases fragrances in restrooms, supply rooms, and other areas to create a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Orkin Scent Beam™ OT®: It’s electric! Scent Beam QT uses an electric motor and refillable Flow Thru fragrances to keep areas of up to 40,000 cubic feet smelling fresh. It produces a direct “beam” of pleasant fragrance that can be used to replace fan-based air fresheners, lasting up to a month before needing a refill.

Customers and employees want to breath happy, so it’s important to keep odors out and freshness in. Effective odor prevention is an ongoing process, so partner with Orkin or your pest control provider to handle everyday odors that could be keeping customers out and drawing unwanted pests in.


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