Case Studies

MaxCap Apartments

Service to the Max: Orkin Delivers Reliable Service to MaxCap Properties

MaxCap Property Management oversees 1,200 residential apartment units in Oklahoma, Tennessee and Kentucky.  Two of MaxCap’s Johnson City, Tennessee properties – Sterling Hills and Summer Chase – rely on Orkin to protect their residents from pests.  With more than 300 combined units, swimming pools, playgrounds, and fitness centers, these properties offer many inviting areas for pests.  But when Orkin’s around, the pests aren’t invited.

To learn more about how Orkin provides peace of mind to these properties, we interviewed MaxCap regional manager Rhonda Mc Mullen.  Following is an edited transcription of that interview.

Why did you choose Orkin?

“Our owners did their due diligence on pest management services, prices and references.  After reviewing their options, they felt Orkin was the best choice.  It has been a great decision.”

How would you describe your partnership with Orkin?

“We really love Orkin.  Our Pest Specialist takes care of us wonderfully.  In fact, we had another Orkin technician in place before him, and when he left, we were a little concerned.  We shouldn’t have been!  Our new Pest Specialist takes care of just as well as our original and if we ever have a problem, he’s responsive and available to answer questions.”

How does Orkin work with your residents?

“We train our employees on how to work with residents, but with subcontractors there is never a guarantee they’ve had the same training.  In the few instances where we’ve needed our Orkin Pest Specialist to service a unit when a resident was home, he has always been professional and respectful.  It’s something our residents notice and comment on to us.”

What aspect of Orkin’s service is most important to you?

“Reliability.  Our Orkin Pest Specialist always takes care of any problem he finds.  He’ll even provide tips that we can pass on to our residents, such as keeping trash where it belongs or cleaning up crumbs in the kitchen.  If we ever have a problem he communicates with us about it and recommends next steps.  That reliability is what keeps our residents happy and our properties thriving.”