Case Studies

Papa John’s Pizza, North Alabama

Orkin and Papa John’s Focus on Better Pest Management, Better Pizza

The Papa John’s Pizza restaurants in North Alabama uphold the national chain’s commitment to making a better pizza with better ingredients and better-trained employees.

Rick Bell, Papa John’s North Alabama area supervisor, wants every pizza that leaves one of his restaurants to uphold Papa John’s legendary quality. He wants the same focus on quality from his pest management provider, which is why he turned to Orkin.

Orkin spoke with him about how a consistently reliable pest management program has allowed his nine restaurants to focus on what they do best – consistently deliver Papa John’s superior-quality pizza.

Why did you choose Orkin?

In 2011, we were using another provider and weren’t happy with the results. Orkin came in and was great to work with. They come in early in the morning and help us solve any pest issues before any customers are out and about. I don’t have to worry about pest control like I used to. Orkin has really taken it off my shoulders. 

What aspects of Orkin’s service do you most appreciate?

Orkin puts the same focus on training that Papa John’s does. We expect our people to be well trained on how to make a pizza the exact way Papa John’s wants it made, and Orkin seems value training as well.

What has been the overall impact of your partnership?

In the restaurant business, you never know what you’ll be taking care of on any given day. With Orkin, I know our pest control will always be covered. Orkin may cost more a month than maybe a local pest control provider, but the peace of mind of not having to worry about pests or worry about our customers’ thoughts about our image – that grows our business.