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Residence Inn and Orkin offer the right service, right away

Every day, the staff at the Residence Inn in Huntsville, Ala. comes through for their guests. Whatever and whenever the need, the staff is always there for its guests. When hotel management began searching for a new pest control company, they looked for a provider that could deliver the same level of service that the hotel provides its guests. They chose Orkin.

Orkin sat down with Residence Inn Manager Neal Obert to discuss the service that Orkin has provided for three years now.


Why did you choose Orkin?

Orkin is a reputable company we knew we could trust. They have resolved any issues as quickly as possible. If we have a problem, they come out and address it immediately.


How is your partnership with Orkin, and how do they work with your staff to manage pests?

Our provider is very helpful. He’s great at going into the rooms and focusing on areas like air conditioning units and kitchens that can be hot spots. We have good housekeeping practices, and he works with our maintenance personnel. He’s very thorough at answering any questions or addressing any concerns we may have.


How would you describe the quality of service your technician provides?

Our Orkin man has been great at doing whatever needs to be done. If we have an issue that needs to be addressed, he resolves it and then checks back several times. The follow up is very thorough.


What resources does Orkin provide that are helpful to you and your staff?

The biggest thing is a binder that is very important for our records. We’re able to keep all of our details in it, and that’s super helpful. Of course, they handle everything, and they’re always happy to come back out if needed.


Questions to Ask When Choosing a Pest Management Provider

  • How long has the provider been in business?
  • What documentation is provided with the service? How soon is it available?
  • What kind of training do the technicians receive?
  • What is the average response time to a pest-related emergency? Is there an extra charge for emergency responses?