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Texas Pete Hot Sauce


Orkin and Texas Pete® Hot Sauce

Heating Up Products, Not Taking Heat for Pests

TW Garner Food Company has been producing its famous Texas Pete® Hot Sauce and Garners® Jams, Jellies and Preserves since 1929. Since then, their product line has evolved to include an assortment of honey mustard, wing and seafood sauces, as well as five varieties of Green Mountain Gringo® salsas. As their business has expanded, so has their need for effective pest management. That’s why TW Garner turned to Orkin in 2007 for an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program with detailed documentation.

We spoke with Becky Michael, R&D/Quality Assurance manager for TW Garner Food Company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, about the importance of teamwork and communication when it comes to managing pests. Following is an edited transcription of that interview.


Why is IPM so important to TW Garner Food Company?

“TW Garner Food Company has a zero tolerance for pests, and we strive to guarantee the highest quality in every product. As a food processing facility, we must abide by strict FDA regulations, which means avoiding chemicals whenever possible. Orkin’s Gold Medal Protection helps us to prevent pests on the front end and reduce unnecessary treatments. Orkin also provides detailed documentation for use during audits, IPM employee training, and tools that enable us to monitor for developing pest trends.”


Why did you choose Orkin as your pest management provider?

“We wanted a pest management partner with a national reputation for excellence, but it was important that our primary contacts be local. Orkin’s years of experience in the industry and responsive team were a perfect fit. We are repeatedly impressed by the expertise of our Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist, and he is always happy and available to answer any questions we may have.”


How would you describe your partnership with Orkin?

“Orkin and our TW Garner Food Company team function like one integrated unit. Our Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist educates our employees, which reinforces pest management as a top priority internally, so we always know what to look for.”


What aspect of Orkin’s service is most important to you?

“Thorough documentation, superior knowledge and responsiveness are fundamental aspects of our partnership. I am constantly impressed by the level of involvement Orkin’s corporate team takes to ensure TW Garner Food Company’s IPM success. Visits from national representatives demonstrate Orkin’s commitment to the success of our pest management program, not to mention true pride in their work.”