Bed Bug Business Plan

Whats Your Bed Bug Business Plan?

The "What's Your Bed Bug Business Plan?" event, presented by Orkin, examined the challenges and facts around bed bugs in the office, apartments, hotels and workplace. The goal of the event was to provide advanced bed bug education across these industries, focusing on creating a bed bug business plan, risk management and HR issues.

The complete webinar series is now available:

State of Bed Bugs in the Workplace

Breakout Session | Litigation with Cliff Slaten, Founding Partner, Slaten Law

Breakout Session | Risk Management with Michael Weisburger, President, PlanetPCO and The PlanetPCO Insurance Group

Breakout Session | HR with Susan Gross Sholinsky

Employment Lawyer, EpsteinBeckerGreen

Cross-Industry Bed Bug Solutions

Breakout Session Resources

Litigation Handout
Key litigation takeaways and tips.

Risk Management Handout
Guidelines for creating a risk management program.

HR Handout
A sample HR bed bug policy.

Bed Bug Resources

Bed Bugs 101 Tip Sheets

Hospitality, English

Hospitality, Spanish

Hospitality, Russian

Hospitality, Hindi

Hospitality, Chinese

Office Property Management, English

Office Property Management, Spanish

Healthcare, English

Healthcare, Spanish

Long-Term Care, English

Long-Term Care, Spanish

Bed Bug White Papers

Pulling Back the Sheets on the Bed Bug Controversy, presented by Orkin and the Association for the Healthcare Environment

Evicting Unwanted Residents, presented by Orkin and the National Apartment Association Education Institute

Bed Bugs: The Issues Challenges and Facts

Additional Resources

Office Property Management Bed Bug ACTION Checklist

Multifamily Resident Bed Bug Guide

Here's the certificate of completion given to those who complete the "What's Your Bed Bug Business Plan?" virtual event.