Mosquito Control

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Effective mosquito prevention is all about knowing where to start. So, your Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist will assess the situation at your property by conducting a detailed site inspection of potential breeding areas. Then, based on our findings, we’ll customize a Mosquito Control program that fits your business’s needs.

mosquito control inspection

Standing water around your property can contribute to mosquito problems. Any amount – from a thimble-sized puddle to a large ornamental pond – can become a breeding zone.

commercial mosquito prevention

While mosquitoes are mostly known for the red, itchy bites left from the allergic reaction of human skin to their saliva, this pest can pose a more serious health threat due to the deadly diseases they can carry.

orkin mosquito

We utilize a variety of approaches to manage mosquito populations, often starting with nonchemical techniques that include mechanical control, exclusion and habitat modification.

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