Odor Neutralizer

Orkin Actizyme™

Made for use in commercial dumpsters, trash chutes and refuse areas, Orkin Actizyme™ Odor Neutralizer is a professional odor control service that helps eliminate airborne odors right at their source.

Environmentally Friendly. Exceptionally Effective.

Using an all-natural and nontoxic, hybrid compound, the Orkin Actizyme™ Odor Neutralizer service helps to safely eliminate odors by spraying solution directly onto refuse in garbage dumpsters and trash chutes.

Beyond Masking to Real Results.

Other products mask odors temporarily with ineffective perfumes. Orkin Actizyme™ Odor Neutralizer helps eliminate odors and odor-causing bacteria by physically altering the shape of odor molecules and increasing the breakdown of organic matter.

Three installation options to suit your needs:
  1.  indoor dumpster misting system image
    For indoor dumpsters, the misting system can be installed within the interior of an enclosed dumpster or attached to the ceiling for open dumpsters.
  2. outdoor dumpster mister extension picture
    For outdoor dumpsters, the Mister Extension Pack extends the reach of the misting system to dumpsters located away from the building.
  3. trash chute injector cabinet picture
    For trash chutes, the Washing/Injection System works with the built-in chute wash system, allowing solution to be sprayed each time the system is turned on.
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