Floor and Drain Cleaning

A professional cleaning solution.

Using naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes that safely dissolve greasy buildup in pipes, cracks, and crevices, Orkin Actizyme® Floor and Drain Cleaner’s “deep clean” is scientifically formulated to help control odors and remove drain grime.

floor and drain cleaning solution

Used as a professional degreaser, Orkin Actizyme® incorporates natural ingredients that break down odor causing bacteria, rather than mask it, for an environmentally friendly, yet effective, solution.

floor and drain sanitation

A little Actizyme® goes a long way – mix just one ounce per gallon of water and use it on floors, walls and garbage disposals to break down tough grease and grime.

floor and drain maintenance

Orkin Actizyme® can be applied directly to areas of extreme grease buildup for quicker results, or you can use it for multiple cleaning applications, helping to reduce your total cleaning costs.

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