Orkin InSite®

Orkin InSite® provides a comprehensive view of your pest management program in a convenient online dashboard. Whether you need to manage multiple locations, assess seasonal pest trends or capture extensive documentation for a third-party audit, Orkin InSite is the digital command center for your Gold Medal QA or enterprise program.

Comprehensive Documentation & Reporting

In highly regulated industries, you need detailed records of inspections, service reports, pest sightings and corrective actions. With one-time reporting set up, you customize preferences once, with the flexibility to change settings at any time. After that, data is delivered straight to your inbox in the format you select.

Customized Notifications

Receive pest activity and program improvement alerts via email, text or phone call, based on your preference. Pest alerts can be set to specific threshold levels, so you receive the information you need, when you want it.


Seamlessly manage multiple locations through Orkin InSite. Address account issues, questions or needs with features that connect your team and your Orkin team.

Trend Analysis

The dashboard shows current pest levels and pest trends over time, allowing you and your Orkin team to make data-driven decisions on how to adjust your program for continued success.