Housekeeping Pest Control Checklist

8 Places to Check Out Before Pests Check In

Source: 8 Places to Check Out Before Pests Check In - Housekeeping Checklist (PDF)

Round-the-clock room service, fresh linens, beautiful landscaping and outdoor amenities all make hotels and motels hospitable to paying guests. But these same conditions can also facilitate pest infestations. Fortunately, regular inspections and maintenance of a few common "hot spots" in and around your property will help keep out flies, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs and other unwelcome guests. Here's a brief guide to eight places where you're likely to find pests and tips to help prevent pest problems in these areas before they start.

1. Lobby & Other Entrances

Common pests: Flies; ants; cockroaches; mosquitoes

Where you'll find them: In the lobby or near entryway plants; under doors; near cracks and gaps

How to prevent:

  • Work with an HVAC professional to make sure air flows out of open doors and blows out pests.
  • Keep doors shut when possible and install door sweeps and weather stripping to create a secure seal.
  • Cut back foliage and low-hanging branches at least two feet from the façade. Install a gravel perimeter two feet deep around the immediate exterior of the building.
  • Review landscaping choices with a pest management professional to select varieties that discourage pests.
  • Use artificial plants and trees in the interior where possible
  • Reduce outside water sources around door areas.

2. Guest Rooms

Common pests: Cockroaches; ants; bed bugs

Where you'll find them: Bathrooms; ceiling fixtures; mattresses; headboards; under carpet

How to prevent:

  • Ask housekeeping staff to keep an eye out for potential hiding places (buckling wallpaper or carpet) or other conditions that may attract pests and report them to maintenance immediately.
  • Remove headboards and inspect behind them for bed bugs every six to 12 months.
  • Eliminate food debris and excess moisture wherever possible during thorough room cleanings.
  • Train housekeeping staff to inspect for tiny, rust-colored stains indicative of bed bugs on mattress tags and seams and under seat cushions during regular room cleanings.
  • Quarantine bed bug-infested room(s) and any adjoining rooms immediately for treatment.

3. Kitchen

Common pests: Cockroaches; flies; stored-product pests; rodents

Where you'll find them: Inside incoming shipments; in drains; storage and waste disposal areas; underneath or inside kitchen equipment; in ceilings

How to prevent:

  • Seal all food containers tightly. Store dry foods off the floor and away from walls and rotate products from the storage area on a first in, first out (FIFO) basis.
  • Inspect all incoming boxes and shipments for signs of pests.
  • Seal areas behind appliances. Line all trash cans and regularly remove waste.
  • Clean up spills immediately. Use an organic cleaner to clean floors, drains and grease traps regularly.

4. Vending Areas

Common pests: Cockroaches; ants

Where you'll find them: Under vending machines and leaky ice machines; near trash cans

How to prevent:

  • Clean up food wrappers and drink spills quickly.
  • Repair leaks from ice and beverage machines immediately.
  • Regularly mop floors to remove food residue.
  • Line all trash cans and keep them tightly covered.

5. Pool

Common pests: Cockroaches; wasps; bees; mosquitoes

Where you'll find them: In and around pool deck, especially near bushes and other foliage; locker room areas.

How to prevent:

  • Only allow food and drink in designated areas.
  • Eliminate standing water, particularly from rain showers, on or near pool deck.
  • Clean up nearby food and drink spills and keep covered trash cans nearby.

6. Laundry

Common pests: Rodents; cockroaches

Where you'll find them: Underneath and behind laundry machines; in towel/linen storage

How to prevent:

  • Thoroughly clean behind and underneath washers, dryers and cabinets on a regular schedule.
  • Keep the laundry area free of lint and other debris to prevent microfungal growth that attracts pests.
  • Repair water leaks promptly.
  • Remove floor drain covers and clean drains thoroughly each month with detergent and a brush.

7. Loading Dock

Common pests: Rodents; flies; birds

Where you'll find them: In and around the loading dock

How to prevent:

  • Regularly pressure wash the loading dock and surrounding pavement.
  • Install bird repellants on ledges and block off nesting areas on the roof.
  • Remove empty boxes and other debris to minimize potential rodent nesting sites.
  • Keep doors closed when not in use to prevent pests from entering. Consider installing a double-door system for extra protection.
  • Seal all unnecessary openings with weather-resistant sealant and mesh wire.

8. Waste Disposal Area

Common pests: Rodents; cockroaches; flies; ants

Where you'll find them: In and around dumpsters

How to prevent:

  • Sanitize garbage dumpsters and trash cans frequently.
  • Move dumpsters as far away from the side of the building as possible.
  • Rotate dumpsters regularly.
  • Keep the area surrounding dumpsters free of trash and discarded food.