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Nothing can threaten your reputation quite like a pest infestation. For more than a century, Orkin has been helping to protect businesses of every kind by combining a deep scientific knowledge of pests with a thorough understanding of each customer’s
unique needs.


Orkin is trusted by more businesses in North America than any other pest management provider. With more than 400 locations across the world, you can rely on high-quality, consistent service – no matter where you are. Orkin is bonded, and our Orkin Commercial
Pest Specialists are screened and randomly drug tested, so you can have complete confidence in The Orkin Man®.


Our goal is to get to know your business inside and out. We will customize an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to fit your unique needs, and integrate seamlessly into your team – so you can breathe easier when it comes to pest control.

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At Orkin, we believe effective pest management is a process, not a one-time event. We will build a program just for your needs, using a specialized Integrated Pest Management (IPM) process we call A.I.M.: assess, implement and monitor.
This ongoing cycle helps us address pest problems before they start and minimize the need for reactive measures.

In pest control, success starts with science. That’s why you need an expert. We service customers in a wide variety of industries and tailor our Orkin Precision Protection programs to fit the countless different environments we face everyday. When you choose Orkin Precision Protection, you choose a program that delivers scientifically based solutions to meet your needs. Our standard Precision Protection™ package includes crawling insect and rodent control.

In addition to pest control, your program might include other services such as:

Exclusion – Pests can enter your property through doors and small cracks. Orkin will work with you to seal potential pest entry points and help protect your building by making it less attractive to pests.

Fly Control – From breeding sites to entry points to actual elimination, Orkin’s Fly Control Program effectively deals with fly infestations at all levels. We will inspect your property and provide a strategic program specific to your needs.

Bird Control – Pest birds cause tens of millions of dollars in damage every year to building facades, roofs, and ventilation systems. Orkin’s Bird Control Program is an effective, responsible way to help reduce health hazards, prevent structural damage and reduce liability.

Sanitation – Orkin Actizyme® Floor and Drain Cleaner is a professional cleaning solution that uses naturally occurring enzymes and beneficial bacteria to safely dissolve greasy buildup. Orkin Actizyme is scientifically formulated to help eliminate grime and odors – and help prevent the pests that are attracted to them.

Restroom Care – A clean facility is less attractive to pests and creates a healthier environment for employees and visitors. Orkin’s Restroom Care portfolio provides three core products designed to help with sanitation – Orkin AutoFresh®, Orkin AutoFlush® and Orkin AutoClean®.


To deliver a pest management program that fits your specific environment, we take the time to get to know your industry and the pest management challenges you face. We support a variety of organizations through memberships and sponsorship, and collaborate with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Orkin is a proud member of:


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Orkin Commercial Services Triple Guarantee

  • 2 x 24 Response Guarantee

    When you see a pest, you need service right away—365 days a year. Orkin makes it easy with a direct priority line to our national customer service department and to your local branch. We’ll respond to your request within two hours and if needed have someone on-site at your facility within 24 hours—guaranteed.

  • Reimbursement Guarantee

    Should your company be fined by a regulatory agency due solely to a pest infestation, Orkin will reimburse you for the amount of those fines that are paid.

  • 360° Satisfaction Guarantee

    With Orkin, your satisfaction is guaranteed on all sides with three unique 60-day guarantees:

    • 60 day complimentary service if you are not satisfied with the way we begin your service
    • 60 days complimentary service if you’re not satisfied at any time thereafter
    • 60 days complimentary service by another provider if you’re still not satisfied.

National Accounts Program

Does your business have multiple facilities around the country? Orkin is the preferred vendor for a number of major national brands and services thousands of multi-facility companies in the United States and Canada. Call 1-866-949-6097 or click here to find out more.