Where Do Fruit Flies Come From?

The fruit fly life cycle begins when a fertilized female locates a piece of fermenting fruit or other source of fermenting sugar in which to lay her eggs. She can lay up to 500 eggs, and male and female fruit flies mate as soon as two days after emerging as adults. The mating practices of the fruit fly allow for rapid population growth and infestation.

close up of fruit fly feeding

Fruit flies lay their eggs primarily in fruit, although they can also deposit them in drains, trash cans, spills and other sources of decaying, sweet, organic matter. If you are experiencing a fruit fly infestation within your home, it is possible that it began inside a fruit bowl left on a countertop or as a result of slime in drains. Cleaning your home of all organic debris can deprive fruit fly populations of food sources, causing them to die quickly.

If you notice swarms of fruit flies in your house or on your property, contact a local pest control company to evaluate the risk.