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Tucson Pest Pressure

The climate, elevation, and population of Tucson, AZ, contribute to its unique blend of pests. While surrounding cities in the arid, desert environment are largely untouched by wood-boring beetles, Tucson’s high elevation raises moisture levels in local trees, cut lumber, and existing homes. This attracts pests, such as powderpost and deathwatch beetles, which leave unsightly exit holes in houses and can weaken structural supports. Drywood and subterranean termites cause similar property damage, though their large colonies mean they can be even more destructive.

Pests that benefit from living near people, like rats and ants, are also common around growing Tucson neighborhoods. Roof rats are agile climbers that often live in attics, overhead garage storage, or vines on fences and home exteriors. The pests contaminate stored foods with their droppings, gnaw on wiring, and tear up insulation. Native to Arizona, southern fire ants and desert fire ants can cause problems when they nest in yards, flower beds, and wall voids. Walls near to bath traps, shower stalls, and hot water heaters are most at risk. These aggressive pests protect themselves with painful, venomous stings and bites.

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

The Orkin Man was very concerned about our cricket problem and took special efforts to schedule visits. He is conscientious, thoughtful, and kind.

Tucson , Arizona

I would like to comment on the professional manner in which Orkin Pest Control representatives conducted themselves in the service of 800 Model Cities units. We ran into some difficulties in the initial service (due to communication problems and lack of understanding on the part of tenants). But the Orkin Men were very understanding of the problems and many times went out of their way to service a unit. It was a pleasure to work with the professionals of Orkin.

Tucson , Arizona