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Antioch, CA, is in the populous eastern region of San Francisco Bay.

Summer Biting Pests:

Unfortunately, with large numbers of people come biting pests. Common insects that roam this city in the summer include:


Fleas survive year-round, but their presence increases dramatically in Antioch during spring and summer. Their larvae prefer warm habitats and develop quicker under such conditions. In addition to spreading diseases, flea bites cause painful and itchy bumps on the skin of people and pets.


Like fleas, ticks survive cooler months, yet their numbers peak during spring and summer in California. In addition to being painful, tick bites transmit disease. One local variety, the western blacklegged tick, is a vector for Lyme disease.

Indoor Pests:

Indoors, residents of Antioch may find the following pests, especially during cooler, winter months:

Pantry Beetles

Antioch's climate can make it tough to keep suitable heat and humidity out of kitchens. These conditions invite pantry beetles to feed on and breed in stored goods. Local species, such as sawtoothed grain beetles or cigarette beetles, may give products an unpleasant smell and taste or spread harmful microbes.

Clothes Moth

Webbing and casemaking clothes moths can be brought inside the home or may move indoors looking for fabric on which to lay eggs. In their larval state, both clothes moth species feed on plant-based items. Damage may include holes or worn areas indicating where the beetle larvae feed on garments and upholstery. Since the pests target natural fibers, like leather and silk, they can be a costly problem.

Wood-Boring Beetles

Along with several types of termites and bees, powderpost and false powderpost beetles are some of California's most common wood-boring species. These pests infest and destroy wood in homes and yards by laying their eggs inside the wood. When the eggs hatch, beetle larvae mine and consume the wood. As the larvae mature and become adults, they chew exit holes, marring furniture and wood trim. Piles of powdery looking sawdust are pushed out of the infested materials, which is another sign of powderpost beetle infestations.

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