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Cathedral City Pest Pressure

Dry Weather Pests
Cathedral City, CA, has a desert climate with little rainfall. These conditions attract dry-weather pests in great numbers. Insects that live in large colonies are common in the area, including:

Red Imported Fire Ants
Not native to Cathedral City, red imported fire ants came to California inside infested soil. Fire ant breeders can fly, allowing them to spread quickly from their origin point. The insects sting and bite to defend their nests, so having thousands of fire ants in the yard is a serious problem.

Drywood Termites
Numerous in southern California, drywood termites are tough to detect. Instead of returning to a ground nest where they depend upon moisture from the soil to survive, they live in wood that provides moisture in order for them to survive, making sightings rare and often very hard to detect. A drywood termite colony may tunnel inside beams for years without discovery. As a result, the pests cause costly damage to homes throughout the city.

Other Common Pests
In addition to colony-dwelling insects, Cathedral City hosts pests that can create issues in smaller numbers, such as:

Often found on cats and dogs in California, fleas can feed and mate without leaving a host. The average infested cat has around seven of the pests, but numbers can reach into the hundreds. Flea bites may transfer typhus, tapeworms, and other harmful pathogens to animals or people.

Black Widow Spiders
Western black widow spiders thrive in hot and dry Cathedral City. The pests take shelter in crevices around houses, increasing the chance of an encounter with residents. A black widow spider bite can poses a severe health risk to humans.