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Outdoor Pests

During summers in Chico, CA, consistently warm weather means residents spend lots of time outdoors. This puts them at risk of encountering the following yard pests:


California residents deal with many species of wasps, including ground-nesting yellow jackets. These territorial pests build their nests near or inside homes, creating a dangerous situation for anyone who gets too close and usually build underground nests and nests in wall voids or other similarly protected and out of the way place. Typically, wasp stings cause mild pain and swelling. Those with allergies to the pests' venom have stronger reactions.


With all the parks and walking trails in Chico, ticks are a major threat. The pests wait in tall grasses and brushy vegetation for people to walk by, and when they sense a suitable host moving nearby them they reach out with their legs and latch onto skin and start to feed on the host’s blood. California ticks spread several diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease.

Wood-Boring Pests

The humidity in Chico makes it easy for wood-boring insects to thrive. Winters tend to be rainy and wet, making homes vulnerable to the following:

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants tunnel inside wooden beams to create space for their colonies. The more wood these pests chew away, the weaker the building becomes. Common sites for carpenter ant nests include porch supports, windowsills, and roofs. In addition to causing damage, the insects may forage for food in pantries.


Because of their secretive nature, termites can cause even more damage to homes than carpenter ants. Infestations attack timber from the inside and nest in hidden locations within wood or underground. California homeowners may not know they have a problem until they are already facing thousands of dollars in repairs.

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