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Livermore Pest Pressure

Moisture Seeking Pests

Warmth and frequent rainfall in Livermore, CA, combine to create a humid climate perfect for pests. When homeowners have trouble controlling moisture inside the house, the following insects often move in:

Blow Flies

Blow fly larvae develop rapidly in hot, humid cities like Livermore. Swarms of the pests feed on garbage and appear around trash cans and picnic areas. Since blow flies develop in feces, they may also gather in yards with pets if pet droppings are not regularly removed. Because of their eating and breeding habits, plus their dependence on larval development in moist environments, the flies often spread harmful bacteria if they are attracted to the inside of a home.


Cockroach infestations in homes are a serious issue, especially near food prep areas. The insects' waste and body parts gather inside stored goods and work their way into carpets, triggering allergies and spreading disease. Cockroaches also stain surfaces and produce foul odors.

Nuisance Pests

During drier parts of the year, some Livermore pests seek out damp kitchens or bathrooms. These nuisances include:


Silverfish are nocturnal, making it hard for homeowners to spot the pests. Most California residents first notice an infestation when they find discolored marks or holes in books, wallpaper, and fabric, plus they may actually see these pests in the sink or shower basin.


Gathering in sinks, bathtubs, and basements, centipedes go wherever there is moisture and prey. The pests can be intimidating with their quick movements and many legs, but they rarely bite. Often, centipedes in Livermore houses point to a larger insect problem.

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