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Pomona Pest Pressure

Located in Pomona Valley inside of Los Angeles County is Pomona, California. The city is home to a variety of colleges and universities, restaurants, shops and more. Its large population in addition to these factors makes it a hot spot for pest activity. Pests like cockroaches can survive some tough situations if they can find food sources, so they can be spotted in bathrooms and kitchen areas where moisture is present. Some experts say that if one roach is spotted, there may be hundreds more hiding out somewhere. Residents of Pomona should take steps to help treat and prevent infestations, as cockroaches can worsen respiratory illness, asthma and allergies. Residents are urged to seek out help from a professional by contacting a locally licensed pest management company.

In addition to cockroaches, pests like beg bugs can be found in Pomona. These tiny, hitchhiking pests can travel from place to place on luggage, bags and people, and they can live in public places, including hotels, universities and college dorms, homes and apartments, and hospitals. Bed bugs can be found living in box springs, headboards, furniture and behind artwork on walls. While these pests can cause concern, they are not presently known to transmit disease to people. However, their bites can irritate the skin, causing redness and swelling. Pomona residents who travel frequently should wash their travel clothes in hot water and dry them on the hottest setting to help ensure that bed bugs are not spread into the home. If bed bugs are present, pest management specialists should probably treat the infestation, as they have the tools and the know-how to help get rid of it.

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

When something is poorly done, people are never slow to complain. As a rule, good service is accepted without comment. We wish to inform you that the Orkin Man who came to inspect our home was most thorough and honest. We felt he was a man of integrity whom we could trust. Two other Orkin Men did the work. They very carefully protected our plants and shrubs. There was a lot of hard work which they did well with no wasted time. They put everything back in fine shape. We’ve never had three finer people do a better job. You can be very proud of these men.
Pomona, California

The Orkin Man took special care in explaining his work in a way that made my mother understand the importance of Orkin protection. He is an excellent representative of Orkin. Thank you for such high-quality service.
Pomona, California

The Orkin Man was a nice man, and I appreciated the good news that I have no termites but more than that the honesty of your company. I’m so glad I called a reputable company like Orkin.
Pomona, California