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Outdoor Pests

With limited rainfall and balmy weather even in January, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, enjoys year-round outdoor activity. While people love spending time in the sun, so do plenty of pests. Some of the most common nuisances include:


Since they feed on human blood, these insects may swarm and try to take blood meals wherever people gather. Simply sitting outside in the evening can lead to multiple, itchy bites. These are unpleasant, but the bigger concern with mosquito bites in Rancho Cucamonga is West Nile virus.

Wasps Yellow Jackets and hornets nest in and around California homes. Residents might see hives hanging from roof eaves, emerging from wall voids in attics, or tucked into the ground. Both of these wasp species are territorial, so they sting if people get too close to their homes. Indoor Pests

Rancho Cucamonga residents must also battle with pests that come into their houses. The following most often disturb peace of mind:

Rats and Mice

Rodents thrive in the city's warm climate, though they may move indoors seeking food, shelter, and water. A rat or mouse can easily force its way into a home through uncovered vents or small exterior gaps. Once inside, the pests feed on pantry goods, contaminate the infested areas with fecal droppings and urine waste, and potentially spread diseases.

Bed Bugs

With California's booming tourism industry, it's no wonder that bed bugs are a statewide issue. Often originating in a hotel, airport, or other public place, bed bug infestations move into local houses on luggage, clothing, and furniture. Bed bug bites may lead to itchy skin rashes and sleepless nights.

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