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Sacramento Pest Pressure

Given the large population and hot, dry summers in Sacramento, CA, many species of pests are attracted to the area. For example, household ant infestations are common and annoy homeowners when they move indoors. They mostly infest homes looking for food and water and contaminate stores of syrup, honey, fruit juice, and meat in the process. Other insects like Indian mealmoths, sawtoothed grain beetles, warehouse beetles, red flour beetles, and cigarette beetles are also frequent contaminators of stored foods.

Parasites like mosquitoes and bed bugs are also found in Sacramento. Since the California city is home to several rivers and large wetlands, mosquito populations are especially active. These pests breed in standing water, and the females feed on blood. While feeding, they can transmit West Nile and Zika viruses to people. Bed bugs thrive in areas with abundant populations of humans where they can find a blood meal, which is their only food source. The pests are unknowingly brought into homes on secondhand furniture and by travelers who have stayed at infested hotels. Since they reproduce quickly, bed bug infestations can get out of hand if not addressed at the first sign. They feed on people as they sleep, which sometimes induces psychological trauma in their victims.

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