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Rodent Pests
The coastal region of Coral Springs, FL, experiences heavy rainfall in spring. During winter, the city sees little precipitation, which forces some animals to find water and food indoors. Common rodent pests in Florida include:

House Mice
House mice are notorious for entering Florida homes to raid kitchen cupboards and about anywhere food scraps are available. Although rodents can survive outdoors, homes offer shelter and easy meals. In addition to contaminating food, a house mouse causes structural damage by chewing on wood or wiring.

Norway Rats
Attracted to water, Norway rats prefer coastal cities like Coral Springs. They are burrowing rodents that live at or below ground level. A Norway rat infestation often results in damage to stored foods, structural wood, and utility wiring.

Roof Rats
As their name implies, roof rats like elevated areas. As a result, a roof rat is likely to enter an attic or live in trees and dense bushes. Once inside, the pests chew on wood and leave droppings behind. A roof rat will also gnaw wires, which can destroy appliances and cause house fires.

Non-Native Pests
A number of non-native pests thrive in Coral Springs. Several of these species annoy Florida residents by overwintering in homes, such as:

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs
These insects originally come from Asia. Their presence in Coral Springs frequently irritates homeowners. The pests move indoors during the fall to spend the winter months flying in people’s houses. Brown marmorated stink bugs release a foul odor when crushed or injured.

Asian Lady Beetles
Like the brown marmorated stink bug, the Asian lady beetle is an invasive species in Florida. The pests move inside to wait out the cooler weather as well. Drawn to light-colored surfaces, Asian lady beetles often end up on the sides of homes before infesting the indoors.

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