Pest control in Fort Myers is essential when you consider how many pests enjoy humidity and warmth. At Orkin, we offer our pest control service in Fort Myers to help combat the number of nuisances, including both insects and rodents, that may bother local residents.

Some pests are just annoying, while others can be harmful to your home. Some can even cause illnesses in humans or pets. Our Fort Myers home pest control technicians recognize the problems pests may cause and provide effective pest management solutions tailored to your situation.

We focus on local pests like fire ants and carpenter ants. Fire ants can inflict bites that cause a blister that hurts, itches, or stings for days. Orkin technicians provide targeted solutions to help prevent these pests from bothering you. We can also identify the different cockroaches in the area, including Florida woods, smoky brown, or American cockroaches, to help deliver the best treatments against each species. Meanwhile, roaches may irritate your allergies and leave bacteria on your food. You can trust Orkin for help with these troublesome pests.

Another common nuisance in Florida is mosquitoes. These winged pests bite and may infect you or a loved one with an illness like West Nile virus. Mosquitoes can even transfer parasitic heartworms to your pets; however, an Orkin technician can tackle these dangerous and annoying bugs and help keep them at bay. We can also help manage crickets, silverfish, ticks, spiders, and stinging pests as well as rodent removal.

If you suspect your home is host to voracious wood-loving insects, reliable termite treatment in Fort Myers is a must. There are several different species of termites native to the area, and certain varieties pose threats to both the interior and exterior parts of your home. The damage can be extensive when colonies are left to grow undisturbed. Orkin's termite control in Fort Myers includes a thorough inspection by a highly trained, knowledgeable inspector and a treatment that correlates with the type and scope of the infestation, which can include prescribed termite baits, sprays, and entry-blocking foams.

Bed bugs may seem like tiny nuisances, but if you wake up with itchy red welts, you'll want fast, effective bed bug control in Fort Myers. They can hitch a ride inside and invade the upholstery, bedding, and nooks and crannies throughout your home. Once bed bugs start to reproduce in your home, the problem can quickly escalate. In fact, one female can lay between one and five eggs each day, and just one female can lay up to 500 eggs in a lifetime.

Fortunately, an Orkin technician can help get rid of bed bugs in Fort Myers through proven techniques, no matter how small or large of an infestation you have. We pride ourselves on thorough evaluations of every favorite hiding place. Then, a technician can use a localized Fort Myers bed bug treatment that's more effective than an over-the-counter option.

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