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Humid Climate Pests
As a coastal city in South Florida, Pembroke Pines remains muggy for much of the year. This humidity appeals to many pests, including:

Notorious bloodsuckers, mosquitoes annoy Pembroke Pines residents when they feed. The bumps left behind on victims’ skin can itch for days. Mosquito bites also bring the risk of disease like West Nile virus in addition to other illnesses.

Over a dozen termite species live in Florida, and long-term infestations are bad news for Pembroke Pines residents. The pests cause millions of dollars in damages each year by burrowing into the frames and other wooden components of homes. Damp, water weakened wood is highly at risk for termites.

Neighborhood Nuisances
Pembroke Pines is one of the more populated cities in the state. Most neighborhoods attract a variety of pests, including the following insects:

Crazy Ants
Named for their rapid, random movements, crazy ants often invade Florida homes. While the pests don’t sting, they do contaminate stored goods, especially items rich in sugar or protein. Large numbers of crazy ants can overwhelm living spaces. Their nests can be found some distance away from foraging areas such as trash bins, refuse piles, cavities in plants and trees, rotten wood, and in the soil.

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetles
Also called lady bugs, multicolored Asian lady beetles provide a vital service by eating aphids. However, these insects cause their own issues during infestations. In addition to bothering Pembroke Pines residents, lady bug populations stain cloth and surfaces with their secretions.

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