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Conyers, GA 30094

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Your neighborhood Orkin Man offers an advanced pest protection plan, backed by science, for your home using the Orkin A.I.M. Solution. It consists of three steps — Assess: complete a comprehensive inspection; Implement: develop a customized solution; Monitor: provide ongoing protection and communication.

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Adam Peterson

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Top Pests in Conyers, GA

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  1. Roach
  2. Rodent
  3. Termite
  4. Bed Bug
  5. Occasional Invaders
  6. Ant
  7. Wildlife
  8. Flea
  9. Spider
  10. Earwig

Branch Manager

Adam Peterson

Branch #151

1479 Parker Rd Se Ste 300
Conyers, GA 30094

Phone: (877) 250-1652
Fax: (770) 860-1499

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Griffin, Locust Grove, Sharpsburg, Jackson, Thomaston, Senoia, Forsyth, Barnesville, Palmetto, Tyrone, Hogansville, Franklin, Williamson, Grantville, Zebulon, Milner, Greenville, Moreland, Brooks, Concord, Meansville, Woodbury, Molena, Luthersville, Jenkinsburg.


Griffin GA Pest Pressure

In addition to the more commonly encountered cockroach, rodent, and stinging insect pest problems in Griffin, GA, there are other pests such as mosquitoes and ants that create problems for residents.

Nuisance Mosquitoes
The abundance of streams, wetlands and rainfall in Griffin, GA, sustains many kinds of insects. Among the most common are mosquitoes, which lay hundreds of eggs in pools of standing water.

Mosquito bites cause skin to itch and, in some cases, spread harmful viruses. The mosquito species that can transmit West Nile and Zika live in Georgia.

Problem Ants
The combination of warmth and moisture in Griffin also attracts many kinds of ants. Red imported fire ants build large nests in outdoor, underground habitats located in lawns and other open areas. These ants are among some of the most aggressive species and will bite and sting anyone or any pets that disturbs them.

On the other hand, carpenter ants are a major ant problem indoors. These pests can create structural damage when they burrow into wood and annoy residents by their presence as they forage for food and water in pantries and other areas of the home.