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Eldersburg Pest Pressure

Residents of Eldersburg, MD, enjoy one of the most livable communities in the country, but even here insect pests can’t be avoided. Native to Maryland, eastern subterranean termites can cause significant damage to structures if left untreated. These pests feed on wood. Termites damage more homes in the U.S. each year than fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and windstorms combined .

Carpenter ants are another wood-damaging insect that burrow into the wood of homes and build nests. Because they don’t actually eat wood, the pests must forage in outdoor environments, plus in kitchens and pantries for food, creating an issue for homeowners. Bed bugs also pop up in Eldersburg from time to time . Carried inside on luggage, clothing, and guests, they quickly take up residence in mattresses, box springs, sofas, other household furniture and cracks and gaps of baseboards and many other locations. They bite people to feed on blood, and leave fecal deposits and blood stains on bedding.