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Hagerstown Pest Pressure

Residents of Hagerstown, MD, who find small stains, scales, and bite marks on their linens may have an infestation of silverfish or firebrats. While these pests are often recognized by the damage they cause, most of the time their presence leads to the realization of an infestation. These unsettling pests get their name from the fish-like appearance of their tapered abdomens, their fish-like movements, shiny gray bodies, large extensions on the tip of the abdomen, and prominent antennae on their heads. Silverfish prefer to live in damp, cool places such as basements, while firebrats prefer warm, moist places. The diet of these pests includes stored food as well as plant-based fabrics, like cotton and silk, or even wallpaper. Although they’re not known to bite humans, their presence is bothersome and may attract predators such as earwigs, centipedes, and spiders.

When warm weather hits Hagerstown around April, termite colonies are busy increasing their numbers and preparing to expand their distribution by swarming. Nests often contain thousands of members, which can make getting rid of infestations difficult. Termites tunnel inside of wood and remain hidden until, oftentimes, significant damage has been done to the home. To stop infestations as soon as possible, homeowners should look for evidence of termite activity. One telltale sign is the formation of dirt tubes along foundations or exposed wood, as termites build these shelter tunnels to increase efficiency and protect themselves from the elements.