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Washington, D.C. Pest Pressure

In Washington, DC, earwigs are known to enter buildings through cracks and fissures in foundations, poorly fitting doors and windows, or gaps in walls in search of moisture and shelter. Dual antennae on their heads and curved abdominal pincers make their brown, inch-long bodies easy to recognize. These nuisance pests come out at night to feed, upsetting homeowners by chewing holes in fruit, vegetables, and flowers. They also frighten people with their imposing appearance.

Cockroaches are another species of nocturnal pest found in and around Washington, DC. However, unlike earwigs, these pests transmit several diseases, including dysentery, through direct contact and fecal contamination. Not only that, they leave behind an asthma- and allergy-triggering substance known as “cockroach dust,” consisting of shed skin, saliva, and excrement. Additionally, large populations of cockroaches may emit a strong stench that lingers in areas the pests infest.