With over 120 years of experience removing vermin and ridding homes of bugs, Orkin reigns supreme for pest control service. Early on, our founder, Otto Orkin, delivered rodent control products door-to-door, but now our clients can expect much more, and we’ve expanded to Pittsfield to help you and yours.

We have expert technicians who combine their in-depth pest education with real-world application training. They perform detailed investigations of your home to identify how pests are getting in and deliver Pittsfield pest control to help manage their presence in your living spaces.

Our technicians are true experts, so they can devise a customized Pittsfield home pest control plan that specifically addresses your needs. They learn the techniques that work best for every species and understand the dangers pests can pose to your family, pets, and home.

Our Pittsfield pest management service focuses on the pests most prevalent in the area. For example, rodents like to find shelter in homes in Pittsfield area during the fall, and infestations can occur quickly within your walls. While millipedes and centipedes do not carry illnesses, centipedes can inject people with painful venom. Wood-loving carpenter ants can pose a problem for the structural integrity of your house. We can't forget the ever-present cockroach, which spreads filth wherever it goes, potentially contaminating surfaces and stored foods. Fortunately, Orkin technicians can tackle all of these pests and more.

Termites are a problem for many homeowners in Massachusetts. These bugs munch on wood and rapidly multiply, so a small termite problem can escalate quickly. Unfortunately, these tiny insects inflict their damage in silence, so prompt termite control in Pittsfield is critical. Our termite inspectors examine your home from top to bottom to help determine problem areas, paths of termite activity, and the extent of any damage. You will receive a detailed report that outlines their findings, as well as the recommended Pittsfield termite treatments that will manage the problem and help prevent continued issues.

Bed bug treatment in Pittsfield is crucial if you wake up repeatedly with small, itchy bumps. Just a few bed bugs brought home in your luggage can become a serious infestation in a few short months. These sneaky insects hide in the corners of your mattress and box spring, in your upholstered furniture, and even in the cracks of your headboard or bed frame. Though they are minuscule, they can cause great discomfort and stress for you and your family.

Rely on Orkin to help provide a Pittsfield bed bug control solution. Our technicians locate everywhere bed bugs like to hide and make sure to help target their tiny eggs and larvae too. This helps ensure we get rid of bed bugs in your Pittsfield home and prevent ongoing population growth, so you and your family can sleep peacefully again.

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