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Your neighborhood Orkin Man offers an advanced pest protection plan, backed by science, for your home using the Orkin A.I.M. Solution. It consists of three steps — Assess: complete a comprehensive inspection; Implement: develop a customized solution; Monitor: provide ongoing protection and communication.

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Terry Woods

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Branch Manager

Terry Woods

Branch #932

1808 Vandiver Dr
Columbia, MO 65202

Phone: (877) 250-1652
Fax: (573) 814-1413

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Columbia Pest Pressure

Biting Pests
Rolling plains and forests along the Missouri River provide the perfect habitat for a variety of pests, including those that bite or sting. The following biting pests live in Columbia, MO:

Brown Recluse Spiders
Active during the evening and after dark, brown recluse spiders sometimes enter Missouri homes. The pests stay hidden during the day and hunt for food at night. Both males and females can deliver venomous bites. A brown recluse spider typically lives in cool, dry places like basements, outside storage buildings, infrequently cleaned closets where they may infest stored linens, clothing or inside shoes.

Black Widow Spiders
Black widow spiders spend most of their time in their webs, waiting for prey. These arachnids prefer dark, quiet areas around the home like cluttered garages, basements, and crawl spaces. Columbia homeowners should wear heavy gloves when reaching into a woodpile or moving boxes in the basement to avoid a nasty bite from a black widow.

Red Imported Fire Ants
This species is not native to Missouri. The pests often enter the state inside bales of hay or landscaping mulch from other parts of the country. Red imported fire ants respond to disturbances by repeatedly stinging intruders. Their venom causes a burning sensation, and bites may develop an itchy bump that lasts for several days.

Stinging Pests
Spring and summer in Columbia bring warm weather and insect problems. Stinging pests that cause issues in the area include:

Bumble bees and honey bees are common in Columbia. While they are important pollinators, these insects become a nuisance when they construct nests in or near homes. Some people also have severe allergic reactions to bumble bee and honey bee stings.

Yellow Jackets
Yellow jackets aggressively defend their nest if disturbed. Stings from the insects can inject venom multiple times. Sugar and meat attract the pests, so they frequently hover around picnics, barbeques, and garbage. They are most active during late summer and early fall in Missouri.

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Our van broke down an hour away from home, and we were forced to spend the night in it. The only person we could think of whom we knew even casually in Moberly, Mo. was our Orkin Man. He immediately came to our aid, charged our battery enough to run, and directed us to a truck stop with a mechanic on duty on Sunday. When we got home, our phone was ringing. It was him calling to ensure we made it. This was his fourth call. We will never forget his kindness and concern. We feel this speaks well for Orkin and for the personnel you employ.
Columbia, Missouri