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When you encounter a small army of pesky intruders in your living spaces, don't run for the hills. This is your home, and you don't have to act alone to defend it — contact Orkin for home pest control in St. Louis. We're here for you and more than ready to help.

With over 120 years in business and thousands of team members across hundreds of locations worldwide, Orkin is a pest control service that St. Louis residents can trust.

What might seem like an inoffensive critter could turn out to be a threat to both your property and health. St. Louis is home to many common pests, such as cockroaches, ants, and mosquitoes, but it also harbors menacing scorpions.

Scorpions stings are usually not deadly, but they can hurt — a lot. Scorpions in St. Louis are a common enough sight that many residents have become accustomed to them. It's still important to contact us immediately if you spot scorpions or any other pests, as we can check for infestations and create a personalized St. Louis pest control plan.

Rodents cause millions of dollars of property damage every year. They can taint food supplies with bodily waste, fur, and saliva. Contaminated food should be thrown away immediately, as it can harbor bacteria that leads to many diseases such as hantavirus. Rodents are also potent hosts for fleas, which spread diseases like lymphocytic choriomeningitis.

Silverfish, stinging pests, and ticks in St. Louis are a massive nuisance to property owners. While silverfish are mostly inoffensive, ticks can spread diseases such as Lyme disease and spotted fever. Stinging pests such as wasps are often very aggressive and will attack humans unexpectedly.

No matter what type of pest infestation plagues your space, our St. Louis technicians are always ready for the duty.

Termites come in a variety of sizes and species. Members of termite colonies look different and play different roles, including:

  • Workers, who are responsible for gathering food, mainly from cellulose based structures like most house structures and maintain termite nests and mud tubes.
  • Soldiers, who are responsible for defending the colony against any invading species.
  • Winged reproducers, who mate and hatch new termites.

Although reproduction is a slow process, a colony can survive and remain undetected for a long time. This is why Orkin's inspectors begin termite treatment in St. Louis by making it their mission to find the colony and the reproductive members.

Using a variety of top-notch technologies, such as IR scanners, we are able to detect termite activity no matter how hidden. Depending on home structure and the nature of the infestation, we will use the appropriate combination of dry and liquid foam, liquid barrier protection, and termite bait to treat and help protect your home for further invasions.

Don't hesitate; contact us for termite control in St. Louis.

If you’re waking up with itchy, aggravated, and red skin every day, you might be dealing with a bed bug infestation. They are sneaky and hard to find, and they multiply quickly, posing continued health risks for your family.

If you’re in looking for experts that can get rid of bed bugs in St. Louis, look no further than Orkin.

Orkin technicians are well-versed in finding the tiny culprits, knowing that these bloodsuckers hide well beyond the beds in your home. We are swift to implement St. Louis bed bug treatment, targeting the active insets and their larvae to help prevent further issues.

For help with bed bug control in your St. Louis home, contact us right away.

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